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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 31, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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season. they asked why, and they said we're going to do this as long as it made sense. my question is when did it ever make sense? they're not even from new jersey. gosh, they give the jersey shore such a bad rap, don't they? that's it for the five. we'll be right back here on monday on the holiday. the reaction to romney's big speech, the eastwood two different tours as democrats prepare for their week. live from charlotte, this is special report. >> good evening. i'm bret baier. we're at time warner cable arena in charlotte where next week democrats from all over the nation will come to renominate president obama. his competition got the jump on him today being the first to get a look at the effects of this week's hurricane along the gulf. chief political correspondent carl cameron has that story from new orleans.
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>> this was a big week for us. >> reporter: the morning after formally accepting the republican presidential nomination, mitt romney, wife ann, and paul ryan held a departure rally in florida and went to isaac-damaged louisiana, through flooded streets and neighborhoods. he consoled residents of hard-hit lafitte, thanked emergency responders and got briefed on rescue and relief efforts by louisiana governor bobby jindal. >> people around the country know that folks here need help. >> we live in a very generous country. the american red cross, the southern baptist foundation. >> the people here, some 5,000 or so, how many of them are in shelters or outside of your homes, you think. >> that were supposed to evacuate? to be honest? you'll meet the mayor. he told them we're not letting people back. >> reporter: romney is three days ahead of president obama who today announced plans to visit the storm zone monday. romney had hoped to visit two days ago but the storm had not weakened enough to do so, and flying toward the storm thursday
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was not an option since it was his big night in tampa. >> mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: romney discussed his biography, family values, and his faith. some aides worried about using the word mormon. romney made the call. >> we were mormons, and growing up in michigan, that might have seemed unusual or out of place, but i really don't remember it that way. my friends cared more about what sports teams we followed than what church we went to. >> reporter: much of the evening's introductory program much sized his business career and renewed his promise of 12 million new jobs and focused on committee and the president for failing to keep his promises of hope and change. >> you know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. >> the evening also included testimonials from parents with seriously ill children whom romney helped in very personal ways. >> how many men do you know would take the time out of their busy lives to visit a terminally
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ill 14-year-old and help him settle his affairs? he wanted mitt to pronounce his eulogy, and mitt was there to honor that request. >> reporter: latino u.s. senator marco rubio of florida an introduced romney and got rave reviews. >> our problem with president obama isn't that he's a bad person. our problem is that he's a bad president. >> reporter: hollywood legend clint eastwood's appearance as a mystery guest thrilled the crowd. >> when somebody does not do the job, we've gotta let them go. >> reporter: while romney went to new orleans today, running mate paul ryan went to the battle ground state of virginia for a richmond rally. >> look at where president obama has taken our economy. 23 million people struggling to find jobs. the poverty rate in america is the highest it's been in a
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generation. >> reporter: romney unveiled a new campaign plane today and he's wheels up from new orleans to the battle ground state of ohio where both he and paul ryan will have separate campaign events tomorrow. then the two reunite again in the battle ground state of florida, this time in jacksonville. since democrats did not sees fire during the republican convention, romney and the g.o.p. says they're not going to cease fire during the upcoming democratic convention. bret? >> carl cameron live in new orleans tonight. thank you. let's get some thoughts from senior political analyst brit hume. good evening. >> good evening. >> made the travel from tampa to here. what about that speech? a lot of talk has been about the style and how it was delivered, but for the folks like carl who cover mitt romney every day, many of them say it really was the best speech he's delivered. >> i thought the speech was not poetic but in all lik likelihood effective. you look at mitt romney up there on the stage. can you picture him as president? most people look at him and say
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yes, they can picture him as president. you hear the details of the work he did at bain capital, hear about it, other speaker speakers reinforced it. it was important for him to do and probably helped him. when you hear about his personal life and you you get a sense of his family, that's important, and you know, i sense that peek look at him and if they're in the mood to make a change, and that's the question in the election. are people going to decide yes, i want to make a change, then the second question is, can we accept him? my sense about it is that the man that stood on the stage last night for people to decide if they want to make a change will be acceptable to them. >> do you think that was the dynamic set up by the campaign, kind of deliver this solid speech where people get to that point? >> well, i know that the speech went through a number of renditions, and i know some of the writers involved. they are capable of quite soaring writing, and my sense is he rejected that, that he wanted you tilwantedutilitarian pros.
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you saw the difference between mitt romney 2012 and all the romance about barack obama baracfouryears ago. who would have imagined that the punch line of the speech would be i'm going to try to help you and your family. >> clint eastwood has taken over the media coverage today. your thoughts about this. >> clint eastwood certainly played well in the hall. my guess is it played a lot better at home than it did in the bubble of the media, but look at it. i do think that the time might have been better spent. it helped to push the romney speech later than it might have been. part of it was outside of prime time, so that was probably undesirable, so you know, if they had it to do over, they would probably leave it out. >> all right, brit, big week ahead. thank you. let's turn our gaze to what we can expect over the next week here in charlotte.
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they're working quickly here to put the finishing touches on the arena, maybe not this quickly, but almost. as you can see, this facility is being transformed from a sports arena to a convention hall. the event officially kicks off next tuesday. something else may happen next week. the national debt eclipsing the $16 trillion mark. the current number is from the treasury just short of that. since monday is labor day, the first time the numbers can officially roll over will be tuesday. the first day of the democratic convention. president obama has just returned to washington after meeting with soldiers at fort bliss, texas. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports the appearance with the troops gave the president the opportunity to respond to a convention week's worth of criticism. >> reporter: while this was billed as an official event and not a political rally, it gave president obama a picture-perfect setting to tout a campaign promise kept as he marked the second anniversary of his previous visit here to fort
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bliss. >> i told the american people that all our troops would be out of iraq by the end of the following year. at the time i know some folks didn't believe me. they were skeptical. some thought the end of combat was just word games and semantics, but i meant what i said. >> reporter: and it was a pitch-perfect platform to hit back at republican mitt romney without ever mentioning his name or that convention in tampa. >> if you hear anyone trying to say that america's in decline or that our influence has waned, don't you believe it. here's the truth. our alliances have never been stronger. >> reporter: that came less than 24 hours after romney used his convention speech to rip the president's approach to national security. >> i will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. president obama began his presidency with an apology tour. america, he said, had dictated to other nations. no, mr. president. america has freed other nations
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from dictators. >> reporter: even after a rare bit of praise from romney over the raid that killed osama bin laden, there was another shot over a report suggests iran is ramping up its nuclear program. >> every american was relieved the day president obama gave the order and seal team 6 took out osama bin laden. on another front, every american is less secure today because he has failed to slow iran's nuclear threat. >> reporter: the obama camp pounced on the fact that afghanistan was completely left out as romney became the first republican since 1952 to not mention war in his acceptance speech. >> there was a time when 84 thundershower men an,000men andt a single mention of how or when to bring them home safely. >> reporter: the romney camp fired back that the governor just spoke about afghanistan wednesday in a big speech to the american legion. they think this attack just
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politicizes the war. this is not just a political food fight to the troops here at fort bliss. i spoke to several of them who told me they're going to be redeployed to afghanistan in october, a reminder this is still very much a hot war. bret? >> ed henry live traveling with the president at fort bliss. thank you. a major offensive from syrian rebels tops headlines. oppositions forces are aiming to strike at security compounds and bases around syria's largest city. amateur video purports to show rebels engaged in gun battles with regime forces. iran is trying to revamp the un's nuclear agency to put more of its allies in positions of authority. the effort appears to be part of iran's push to weaken the international atomic energy agency, the iaea. the organization's decision-making board is dominated by western nations. this week the agency reported iran has dramatically stepped up the installation of sent fiewnls capable of -- sent martin luther
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>> back here in charlotte they continue to get ready. as carl cameron mentioned earlier, president obama will visit the gulf coast region hit by hurricane isaac on monday. what's left of the storm is dumping much-needed rain on the middle part of the country. there's still plenty of water where isaac made landfall. correspondent casey stegall has the latest tonight from southern louisiana. >> reporter: three days after hurricane isaac slammed into the gulf coast, thousands of residents are starting to assess the damage he left behind. >> we came over here to see what happened to our house, to see if it flooded or not.
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>> reporter: flooding is widespread through louisiana, mississippi, and alabama, up to 20 inches of rain falling in some spots. >> we pump it out the front door, it comes in the back. if we pump it out the back, it runs out the front. no place to send it. >> reporter: the newly built levee system post katrina has held up just fine. most of the problems have been in the lower-lying parishes around the big easy like here in kentwood, louisiana. after fears that a dam in southwest mississippi could break, thousands downriver were forced from their homes. >> our lives are at stake. of course we're going to worry. >> we were mainly concerned about those in proximity of the river, wanted them to get out of harm's way. >> reporter: state officials say thousands of high-water rescues have been carried out, many for those who did not heed evacuation orders ahead of the category 1 storm making landfall. >> we had enough time to grab the cats and stop them from drowning. a boat came and rescued us off
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the roof top. we thought we might have had to get on top the roof and strap ourselves down and swim to a tree. luckily they had a fast response and was able to get us off the roof. >> reporter: another focus has been getting much-needed health care to those who need it. >> we're opening two medical needs shelters with our federal partners. we continue to see increasing demand for some of those shelters. >> reporter: back out here live in st. bernard parish tonight, quite a scare a little bit earlier when a giant chlorine tank was seen floating in the waters along plaquemines parish. the line back there, the sheriff here tells me it belonged to water treatment facility and that it was secure and that it did not leak whatsoever. however, residents were forced out of the area simply as a precaution. bret? >> casey, thank you. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said his board may soon try to again boost the struggling u.s. economy. bernanke told the annual fed
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conference in wyoming the recovery is far from satisfactory and progress in reducing unemployment has been too slow. bernanke did not say what the fed might do. wall street finished the week on a positive note. the dow gained 90, the s&p 500 wattwas up 7, the nasdaq finish8 ahead 18. orders were up 2.8% for u.s. companies in july. however the key category of core capital goods orders declined 4%. it's the fourth setback in the last five months. now back to the democrat party politics we're getting ready for here in charlotte. in 2008 the african-american vote was a sure thing for barack obama. it may be in 2012. correspondent shannon bream tells us tonight four years later the question for many black americans may not be who to vote for but whether to vote at all. >> i think that the other danger that some african-americans will stay home. >> reporter: after record turnout in 2008 when black
3:18 pm
voters made up 13% of the electorate that sent president obama to the white house, some say the positions he's taken putting him at odds with the african-american community could dampen the enthusiasm this time around. reverend william owens said the president's decision to endorse same sex marriage will cost him come november. >> the african-american community in reality is more conservative than white in their belief system because of the church, because of the environment, and their background. > >> reporter: the white house may take some comfort in a poll. based on a very small sampling it shows 94% of african-am vote for mr. obama while zero percent say they will vote for mr. romney. >> i do not believe that because i'm not a zero. the other black people that i know that will vote for mitt romney, they're not a zero. >> reporter: in fact, fox polling shows 3 to 7% for romney among black voters over the last few months. some within the black community say the republicans have only themselves to blame for their lack of connection with
3:19 pm
african-american voters. >> this particular election has become clear because whatever decisions that were made by the romney camp about barack obama and his support within the african-american community that there's not an interest in getting african-american votes. >> reporter: former democratic congressman arthur davis said he's gotten unexpected support. >> my inbox was flooded the other day with people who said to me that they were democrats but who said they don't recognize this democratic party. >> reporter: not so supportive, 14 members of the congressional black caucus who sent a letter to davis accusing him of flip flopping on core principles and quote, nakedly personal and political calculations. in tampa, shannon bream, fox news. irchlt stil i still ahead, se to neil armstrong. a creative way to fix immigration law and the republican relationship with hispanics.
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with a >> brit: picture time on stage.
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a federal judge in ohio is blocking a state law that the cuts off early voting for most people on the friday before election day. the law exempts military personnel and residents living overseas. the obama administration argued that everyone should get the extra three days and the judge agreed. ohio's attorney general said he will appeal. arizona sheriff joe arpaio said he's not to blame for the rocky relationship between republicans and hispanics. he said he's just enforcing the law. many critics say his tough stance on immigration fuels the g.o.p.'s image as anti-immigrant and anti-latino. now republicans are trying to do something creative about that. chief national correspondent jim angle has details.
3:24 pm
>> reporter: republicans have a problem with his pings, the fastest-growing group in the country. brad bailey who owns texas restaurants with many hispanic employees knows better than most. >> they said how can you support republicans, you know, when they don't like hispanics and latinos. i'm like what you are you talking about? that's not true. >> reporter: he said the reason many hispanics feel that way even though they're citizens is the tone over immigration. >> this one issue on immigration is what damages the republican party brand among hispanics and latinos, and we're our own worst enemy. >> reporter: some republicans argue those who will walk hundreds of miles through the desert braving reality snakes, the border patrol, and human traffickers just to get a job have conservative values and deserve more sympathy as well as legal options for work. >> the reason they have to brave the desert and risk their lives and put their lives in the hands
3:25 pm
of coyotes is because the system is broken. the system forces them to do that. >> reporter: so bailey and others crafted a way to separate those looking for a job from tougher border security by supporting that and a guest worker program. the g.o.p. platform reflects that, pledging a republican administration that will consider in light of both current needs and historic practice the you til you stilt l and reliable source of foreign labor where needed through a guest worker program. >> you have to go through four different offices by the time you get the visa, your harvest is over. >> reporter: a change in tone might help republicans make inroads with hispanics who worry more about economic issues anyway. a recent fox news poll showed 48% of hispanics say the economy is the most important issue for their vote. immigration was six thi sixth ox issues at only 23%.
3:26 pm
president george w. bush proposed immigration reform and in 2004 won 44% of the hispanic vote. romney gets only 28%. some republicans hope making the debate on immigration less vitriolic might improve their standing with hispanics voters. pentagon official the say the former navy seal that authorized a book about the bin laden rag raid violated a ban on revealing classified information. this afternoon the author's attorney told the hill the book does not violate the non-disclosure agreement. political correctness rears its ugly head at the state department, and you will not believe how and what some people are saying about clint eastwood's appearance at the republic national convention. this is the plan that revolves around you.
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shriners did a lot more than just heal me. they helped me put my whole life back together. (vo) send your love to the rescue. (vo) donate to shriners hospitals today. >> brit: fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the reviews are in and mixed for clint eastwood's speech when he addressed an empty chair meant to represent president obama. the associated press called it bizarre, rambling, and odd. film critic roger ebert tweeted in part, quote, clint my hero is coming across as sad and pathetic. country singer charlie daniels tweeted clint eastwood made my
3:31 pm
day. ann romney called it unique. president obama tweeted this picture with the caption this seat's taken. the romney camp defended east wood saying we know it played well in the hall. i think it played well in the living room. we're not really concerned about how it played in the green room. the speech also prompted people to upload photos of mostly empty chairs with the #eastwooding. new york state democrats are dealing with the scandal involving sexual harassment and hush money. a confidential settlement that included more than $100,000 of taxpayer money went to women accusing a new york assemblyman of sexual la harassment. the lawyer with the women along with a good government advocate along with a state senator called for an investigation. war on women rhetoric falls silent as feminist new york democrats give a resounding no
3:32 pm
comment and hey, look at the time to secret hush money payments to sexually harassed female staffers. the state department wants employees to watch what any say. it says common phrases could easily be interpreted as derogatory. chief diversity officer john robinson writes in a department magazine about the historical context of some every day phrases. he warns, hold down the fort is a potentially insulting reference to american indian stereotypes. going dutch could make dutch people feel cheap. rule of thumb could be offensive to women, and advocates for the disabled could have a problem with the term handicapped. a proud american hero was remembered today while a proud tradition of american manned space flight is nothing but a memory. chief washington correspondent james rosen on the memorial for the first man on the moon. >> god bless neil armstrong.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: mitt romney spoke for every american when he paid tribute to the late astronaut and universal hero who died last saturday at 82. what american, what human being in the history of civilization was more accomplished? the advent of the nuclear age when man attained the ability to destroy the entire planet with man-made weapons marked one sharp split with all preceding history, but the apollo 11 landing of july 20, 1969 represented an even more profound break with the past because unlike the use of nuclear weaponry, the moon landing trans sended the earthly severe entirely. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind. for one priceless moment in the whole history of man, all the people on this earth are truly one, one in their pride in what you have done, and one in our prayers that you will return safely to earth. >> reporter: former mercury astronaut john glenn was among those who attended a private
3:34 pm
memorial for armstrong in cincinnati on friday. the publicity shy navy pilot and korean war veteran, the greatest of all explorers has led many to wonder whether the steady bleeding of the nasa budget constitutes a complete abandonment of space flight and whether that is any way to honor the armstrong legacy. >> i believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> reporter: for the first time since the dawn of the space race, the united states is reduced to hitching rides on russian spaceships to the international space station. the obama administration proposed for fiscal year 2012 a nasa budget of $14 billion, half what the agency spent adjusted for inflation in the year of apollo 11. >> nasa has come to the time when they really do need to encourage private industry to start taking on the role.
3:35 pm
>> reporter: armstrong's few forays into the lime light in recent years were for nasa events and to capitol hill where he deploard these recent events as embarrassing and unacceptable. >> it's leadership we've acquired through our investment. if it's simply allowed to fade away, other nations will surely step in where we have faltered. i do not believe that would be in our best interests. >> reporter: chief washington correspondent james rosen reporting. we'll look back at mitt romney's speech and wrap up the republic national convention when the fox al all-stars join e after a break.
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>> brit: presidenpresident obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. and to heal the planet. my promise is to help you and
3:39 pm
your family. >> brit: mitt romney at the rnc last night accepting his party's nomination. what about that speech, the whole convention, wrapping it all up? let's bring in our panel. david drucker, juan williams, steve hayes, senior writerr for the weekly standard. david, your thoughts. i talked to brit earlier. he was saying it was work man like, it was solid, it wasn't flourishing but it got the job done. >> you have to look at the speech for who is delivering them, maybe not who has delivered the speech in the past. if you look at mitt romney and who he's been in the campaign, i think he gave a very good speech and probably better than i thought he was capable of doing. let's take a look at what's allt him. look at his favorable numbers are underwater. you look at the people that people don't really know him.
3:40 pm
they want to vote against barack obama in a lot of these swing states, but they don't know who this guy is. what did we learn the past couple days? we learned who he is and mitt romney finally talked about himself, and there's now a counter argument or a forward argument about who he is, not just the obama campaign argument. so because he was able to do that, i thought it was very successful, and i have to say for somebody who does send to be pretty stiff, he at least looked relaxed and like he was enjoying himself. i think that's important. >> dan, is the bar he has to get over can this guy be president? >> that was part of the bar. as david said, one of the things he had to do was give a little more of himself, make people feel a little bit more comfortable. i don't think that's the key for him to win the election, and i think he probably was able to do that enough both through his speech and some of that personal testimony that was given, particularly from members of his church. i thought that was a very important moment, even though it wasn't in prime time. >> reporter: we have a clip of
3:41 pm
that. >> brit: two different families who gave testimonials, if you will, about mitt romney and their families. take a listen. >> as i sat with her in intensive care, consumed with a mother's worry and fear, mitt came to visit and pray with me, and i will never forget how when he looked down tenderly at my daughter, hi eye, his eyes fillh tears and he reached out and gently stroked her tiny back. >> over a period of seven months he was in and out of children's hospital in boston for treatment. david, knowing mitt had gone to law school at harvard, asked mitt if he would help him write a will. together they made david's will. he wanted mitt to pronounce his eulogy, and mitt was there to honor that request. >> brit: we don't have the shots in there, dan, but there were a lot of people tearing up in that hall. >> absolutely. i mean, there were not a lot of dry eyes through both of those,
3:42 pm
so it was things like that that were helpful. i was struck by a couple of other things in the speech, though, bret. one was this was a different kind of speech than he has given in the past. i mean, as you know, part of his basic stump speech is the united states under barack obama is heading towards europe. we heard none of that, and we didn't hear as much in terms of sort of the size and scope of government. i mean, it seemed to me that he was looking less to the base and a little bit more to some of those swing voters. >> brit: juan? >> i thought it was kind of a celebration, and i had that sense that the speech achieved that goal, that it was a celebration for the base and for the delegates that were in the hall last night. if i think about sort of agenda items that i would have ticked off politically, i would have said number one, he's gotta do better with women, and as you noticed, he went through a litany of women who not only are prom republicans but who he hired in the private and has good relationships with. the wonderful story about his
3:43 pm
mother saying women can have a voice when she ran for the senate. i'm not sure he made a lot of inroads, but he was trying. with regard to hispanics, it was up to the surrogates, people who really came on and had something to say, especially marco rubio who introduced him. more so than anything, he was able to convey in terms of energy there. i thought with regard to president obama, he spoke with a sense of regret as if, you know, we had high hopes for president obama, but he just isn't up to the job, and he said at one point that he hoped that president obama had succeeded, you know, and the highlight of obama was the moment he was elected. that was it. that was the best you ever felt about obama. immediately what came to my mind is what about bin laden, killing bin laden? what about afghanistan? what about iraq? and today there have been lots of criticism from right and left to say why didn't he talk about afghanistan? >> brit: he did talk about the killing of bin laden, congratulating the president on that, but you're right. he did not mention afghanistan. we'll talk about that in the
3:44 pm
lightning round. steve, you've had less than 24 hours to digest. we heard what you said last night, thoughts in addition to that? >> well, i mean, i think the speech basically did its job. there were some good moments. i thought the delivery was very strong, but i agree with dan entirely. i mean, this was really a non-ideological speech. it was meant to appeal to the people that we've been talking all along that this election may be decided by their votes, the suburban housewife in columbus who ma may or may not be pro choice, may or may not have supported barack obama in 2008. i think that's why you heard the tone that you heard. mitt romney said nect, we're really disappointed. it wasn't ideological. the only part that was ideological was the foreign policy. it was a strong foreign policy critique, very short, but the rest of the speech was not at all. >> brit: okay. well, this has really grabbed some eyeballs today on pretty much every channel. it was sort of like flypaper out
3:45 pm
there for a lot of media flies. clint eastwood. >> whether you're democrat or whether you're a republican or whether you're a libertarian or whatever, we're the best, and we should not ever forget that, and when somebody does not do the job, we've gotta let them go. i just wondered about all these promises and then i wondered about, you know, when the -- what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. he can't do that to himself. >> brit: he was talking to the imaginary president obama in the chair, the empty chair. david, what about that. >> i think they could have done without it. it was a very beautiful program. that was sort of weird and awkward, although i have to say people at home didn't see the rest of the program, and my sort
3:46 pm
of non-scientific focus group from people who were over 50 who watched it, they like clint and they liked it, and so i still say they shouldn't have done it, but i don't really think we're going to be talking about this in a week, and i don't think it matters. >> brit: i mean, to hear some of these analysts today, dan, it was like this became the clint eastwood convention. i do think that the reaction of ann romney, at least the cutaway shots, suggested that there was some anxious abou angst about te romney campaign. >> it certainly sounded like she was unhappy about it. this is why conventions are scripted. this is the one unscripted moment and it didn't go quite the way anybody anticipated it. i think in the great scheme of things it will pass, but it was a reminder to me of the degree to which we live in an environment now, a media environment, with twitter and you know, everything else everythininwhich something elset which is a tiny distraction becomes a huge moment. i think one of the disadvantages
3:47 pm
for governor romney was that last night and this morning so much of the time was spent talking about clint eastwood and not about some of the lines that he delivered about president obama. >> brit: it took some of the oxygen out of the room. quickly, you two. >> i'm a big clint eastwood fan. i think he's thrilling. i guess i'm in the over 50 group that david is talking about. i was thoroughly disappointed to see my hero look so uncertain and you know, incoherent is probably too strong. it didn't seem to hold together. i never got what is the message, what is the point. it seemed a little bit degrading to the president. i wasn't comfortable with that. >> brit: one thing. it stretched on. he had 5 minutes and it went 12 minutes. it pushed back the romney speech. >> generally when there's a consensus among the washington press corps that something is awful and horrendous, i like it. that wasn't necessarily the case this time around. the big practical problem is that we spent a lot of time today, everybody spent a lot of time today talking about clint
3:48 pm
eastwood and not mitt romney and not marco rubio. this program last night was meant to highlight marco rubio. many more minutes spent talking about east wood than marco rubio. > >> brit: next up, the friday lightning round. blac follow the wings.
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3:51 pm
>> brit: welcome back to charlotte. we talked about it with the panel being but in the speech last night, there was not a mention, a single word about afghanistan. obviously there are tens of thousands, some 80,000 or more american troops on the ground still fighting in afghanistan. we're back with the panel. david, was that a major oversight, the obama campaign already hitting romney on that fact. >> i don't know if it was an oversight or not. i don't think it was a political
3:52 pm
problem. the fact that he addressed national security, that he addressed iran and the nuclear program got the job done in that regard. now, should he have mentioned it? in retrospect, i think it would have been proper for him to discuss afghanistan, but is it a problem, no. > >> brit: dan? >> i think it's a reminder that the romney campaign is so singularly focused on the domestic side and the economy in particular, but is it going to be a big problem, no. he should have talked about it. it would have been smart to do so, but i don't think it's going to cost him. >> brit: juan, we already heard that from you. steve? >> it was a mistake. whether it was an oversight or an omission, i don't know which one is worse, but it was a mistake. 70,000 plus troops on the ground in afghanistan now. that's a problem. you need to speak to them. if this is a debate about leadership, and i think the way that the campaign has been going over the past three weeks has been an attempt by the romney camp to make this a debate about leadership, and i think this does hurt not because the war in
3:53 pm
afghanistan is popular but because people want to see the leader of a party talk about something as important as war. >> brit: today there was a private memorial service in cincinnati for neil armstrong who died. of course, the late astronaut, the universal hero died last saturday at the age of 82. governor romney spoke about armstrong in his speech last night, and we have some tape from many years ago. >> the souls of neil armstrong -- the soles of neil armstrong's boots on the moon made permanent impressions on our soul. god bless neil armstrong. >> all the people on this earth are truly one, one in their pride in what you have done, and one in our prayers that you will return safely to earth. >> brit: that communication historic. juan, what about the mention last night, and the space program overall which obviously has been diminished and cut back
3:54 pm
under this administration? >> well, i think that it's such an i thin inspirational moment. as we just heard from president nixon, it brought the country together and i think inboun insd the world, what neil armstrong did. in the current context you have to take into account are americans of the mind that we're willing to spend billions of dollars for further space exploration. the decision has obviously been made by this president that while we maintain a space program, we don't do so at the same level of vital funding. some programs like the mars program which we're engaged in now is going to be cut under the current budget. >> brit: to hear the tape of president kennedy saying we're going to beat russia to space and now to get to space we have to hitch a ride on russian rockets as u.s. to get there, some people are saying that's a problem. >> well,that's true. there is a debate about that, but we're in a different place today, and i think if you think back just a few weeks ago to when the rover landed on mars, i
3:55 pm
mean, enormous interest that that engendered was a sign that there's still interest. i think the question is what are the resources we have to be able to do some of those ambitious things. >> brit: quickly down the row, winner and loser. >> i think winner was romney because he and the convention overall accomplished what he needed to get done to have a good chance to win. loser was tampa. the people of tampa were wonderful, but the security that we had to deal with just made it impossible to enjoy. >> brit: winner and loser of the week. >> i agree on romney as the winner of the week because of the same reasons david mentioned. i thought clint eastwood who is an iconic figure was the loser. >> brit: juan? >> i thought romney got the attention he was after. i wish he delivered more specifics on economic issues. in terms of that, i thought that should have been the point of the whole speech. i worry about that. big winner, i would say latinas, latin women. the wife of the governor and the focus on latin women.
3:56 pm
>> i would say the winner is fox news. fox had more than nine million viewers last night, more than double the combined total of the two biggest broadcast networks, and i would say the loser are these fact checkers. i mean, this has gone so far beyond what it was intended to be. they're now fact checking gray areas, and i think they've jumped the shark, although don't fact check that, literally. >> brit: you can come back since you said we're the winner. that's it for the panel, but stay tuned for some final thoughts. ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything solutionism. the new optimis
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